23rd Feb 2014

Redhall Nuclear Restructures

All of the businesses within the Redhall Group know that to deliver success, they need to develop a culture of innovation, professionalism, operational excellence, collaboration and mutual respect throughout all the business operations.

With this in mind, over the last six months, Redhall Nuclear has undergone a top to bottom review and restructure of the company, to create a more flexible organisation which has the needs of its clients as its core focus.

By way of example is the establishing within the Defence and Power Division, of a Calleva Park based design authority and engineering service capability. Working simultaneously with the teams throughout the entire spectrum of design, tender and delivery will undoubtedly result in a ‘right first time’ approach.

Alongside the Defence and Power Division, the Decommissioning and Waste Management Division based at Sellafield is undergoing a similar reorganisation and significant strengthening of its project management and delivery teams.

Heading into 2014, the result will be a fitter and leaner Redhall Nuclear that is absolutely committed to improving client relationships and to boosting project performance from every measurable indicator.

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